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    I'm interested in purchasing a wireless mic to use with my Echo Audiofire 4 interface to use with Record 1.5. Will this work and sound good? Or is it better to buy a wired mic? I just hate cables, so am interested in trying a wireless mic. Also, how does a wireless mic system connect to an audio interface?

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    if you're just using it in the studio at home, stick with with a wired mic. A wireless mic has cables and is more expensive anyway and is only a convenience if you were playing live. Wireless mics require a receiver that need to be plugged in and then connected to your interface with cables. That and then there's batteries for the mic too.

    if you had a rack, you could buy a rack unit, run it into your mixer and then you wouldn't have to worry about it if you wanted to do it that way. If you had all that, you could get a good wireless for 80-100$, otherwise I'd stick wired and put the money into a good mic.
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