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  • Farfisa Mini Compact: AMPLIFIER

    So I'm about to buy a Farfisa Mini Compact Organ on eBay and I was wondering what kind of amp I should play this puppy through. I've seen bands play Farfisas through old Fender tube powered guitar amps. Should I play through a guitar amp or is there such a thing as an organ amp (that isn't a leslie or something super expensive)?

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    For a Farfisa, a guitar amp is perfect.
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      Farfisa used to make amplifiers for their keyboards, FYI. But I agree that an guitar amp will work.
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        I used the Sabre reverb for my Farfisas. This amp had a 15" speaker and a treble horn. A nice combo to get that burst of high frequency noise that the organ is best known for. It cuts through anything. Noting that I never tried one through a Leslie !



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          I've played my Mini Compact through a Fender Blues Deluxe and it sounds marvelous. But I bet any tube guitar amp sounds good, like a Vox AC30 or Fender Twin or even a Blues Junior (for lower volume situations).