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Will Pay for help with Casio Priva PX3


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  • Will Pay for help with Casio Priva PX3

    I play piano and just bought a Casio Privia PX3 so I can play in a band. I know absolutely nothing about digital keyboards and systhesizers. The manual is very confusing and not helpful. I can bring up a sound and play it but that's all I can do. If you are a wiz on this instrument I will pay you a reasonable hourly wage to teach me how to use this instrument over the telephone. You obviously have to have a PX3 or the manual in front of you and be able to give me direction on how to exploit the features of this instrument. Since I'm also new to the Forum and might have trouble seeing replies to my post please feel free to email me direct at richardbarr@prodigy.net.
    Thank you