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Yamaha Motif XF and the ipad


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  • Yamaha Motif XF and the ipad


    Not sure I get it, but - whatever.

    Must be my age showing.

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    Reckon they'll release it for the XS?


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      It looks like the point is to be able to use a nice big and convenient touch pad interface for programming sounds. The XF (and XS) is really a pretty powerful sound design tool when you think about it, but only if you want to dig down into the voices and edit them individually. At one time I thought I was going to do that but just never got into it. Using the front panel on the hardware is a pain and I am just not a fan of sitting there with a mouse and sound editor plugin to create sounds for hardware; if I am going to do that then I will just use a soft synth. If I was gigging and needed to haul just one board around it would be another story, but this was one reason why I didn't like the XS6 and one reason why I *do* like the M3M. Despite the small size of the touch panel it is really quite easy for me to make sounds using it and just play it. Anyway the touch pad editor might help open up the interface for the XF and make it feel more immediate. Personally I am not interested.

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        Spectrasonics OMNI TR looks way cooler:


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          Well, a strange move.

          I would understand the purpose of the iPad app for the Yamaha M7CL V3 mixer, where the mixing engineer can use it as an additional control surface for monitoring some vital parameters, which can given to an assistant engineer. For the Motif XF, I would rather see the resources spent on the improvements to the core OS


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            I watched the video where Phil "Bad Mister" Clenninden was showing the XY grid mode on the iPad app, very cool Kaoss style stuff possible. Doubling the number of available faders/knobs on the XF is worthwhile in itself.

            Remember when the iPad came out and everyone wondered what it would be good for? It's hard to figure out what people will do with new technology, we'll know a year from now whether this Motif XF app set is a toy or something useful. Yamaha obviously has been watching Korg's strong presence in iApps.

            Now give me an iTenori-on sequencing app!

            BTW where are the Android music apps? I never hear about any.

            Reckon they'll release it for the XS?

            The latest XS OS 1.60 has added most (if not all) of the extra XF software features, so I wouldn't be surprised.
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              I understand the ipad option will Not be any part of XS upgrade.
              How would you connect wirelessly to an XS?


              OT, The ipad apps already number over 1,000. Very recently Mr Jobs had predicted
              that there will be over 1,000,000 ipad apps available before the year is over.
              Soon you'll need a favourite list of your favourite lists,.
              And with the next gen ipad, to be released in April, having two cameras, much new fun in store.
              When I have some extra disposable fund$ I'll be looking to get into a bunch of exciting new applications on one,
              as they are released.
              I wish to play ipad Scrabble also.

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                Since I own an IPad (The POS version), my first thought was, "How would I connect it"?

                Then I saw it was wi-fi. You plug a USB wi-fi device into the Motif I guess.

                My next thought was,

                "That is really cool. I wish I could do that with my M3m."

                Maybe one of these days, my IPad will actually be useful for something that I do.
                Right now, it's only useful for letting my wife play loud Vietnamese music on it and
                my college students fool around with in class.
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                  it's only useful for letting my wife play loud Vietnamese music on it

                  That's good enough for me to buy one right now!!!!

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