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[B]Daycare Section at NAMM[/B]


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  • [B]Daycare Section at NAMM[/B]

    Anyone see or screw around with the toyish OP1 or KDJ ONE at the show?

    I realize its a little early but I'm very curious if 1. the OP1 actually sounds good in real life and if there is anything that justifies its price. And 2. If the KDJ ONE is bad ass or the other way around.

    I cant wait for Mac OS 21.0 Garfield

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    Actually the OP1 does look cool. (i'm just talking to my self here) I had thought it sounded like a tiny casio POS but maybe its bigger sounding after all. the guy in the video on the related thread who demoed it could not finish a thought and i just wanted to hear the phase distortion synth engine but he lost his focus. but for sure a sucky price and looks as if it will be hard to get your hands on one unless you have the cash right now!
    I cant wait for Mac OS 21.0 Garfield