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  • Cakewalk V-studio 20

    I bought the Cakewalk V-studio 20 but trying to use it I confess I am lost being new to this. What are some of the more useful tools that it will it allow me to do and how can I get familiar with getting aound on the software?? Right now after trying it a few times I can't seem to get where I want to go on the software. I bought it from someone on Ebay and he gave me the access code but is it blocking me from accessing the software maybe?

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    Go to the cakewalk user forums. They have experts, users and cakewalk staff on hand...

    Go to Roland .com if you can not find it there should be a link... ;-)


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      There should also be a manual. If the product is like other Cakewalk products, you just have to register the software.

      If you don't think the software is registered correctly, I would suggest CALLING Cakewalk Tech Support at:

      From the description it appears the V-Studio 20 is intended for guitarists who want to record audio onto their computers, using the included BOSS guitar effects and included Cakewalk "Guitar Tracks" Recording software.