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Keys on midi controller not working right


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  • Keys on midi controller not working right

    Novation Remote Le 61. I have one key that stays on when you barely touch it. I have another key that will only sometimes work and it only works when you're letting up on the key after you hit it hard. This is a $300 keyboard that has sat in my office for 3 or so years and hasn't seen a ton of use - it should work fine. I opened it up but couldn't totally separate the top panel because it looked like it had some ribbons hard wired to it. A few weeks ago, I blew it out with an air nozzle using an air compressor...I think my problems actually started happening AFTER that. I cleaned a little bit of dust bunnies out of it when I opened it up tonight, but now another key is being screwy. Any ideas? I don't want to throw this thing out, but I can't have it screwing up once I start playing live.

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    You have dust in the bubble contacts under the keys. Common occurrance these days in modern actions. Google for a solution.
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