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  • Keyboard/Piano Book Recommendations

    I received a thank you gift card to B&N.com from a theater group I did some work for this season.

    Anyone have some interesting recommendations for what to get? Perhaps an interesting or unusual piano book? What have you read/studied recently that seems worthwhile?

    Suggestions appreciated.


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    here to start
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      If you're into jazz or up for a challenge, you definitely ought to check out the Jazz Piano Book by Mark Levine. Beginner or skilled in jazz, you'll be able to derive a whole lot from this book and, depending on how much you want the book to give you, it can provide you with plenty of work for a couple of years at least.
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        I like "Learning Piano" published on the Smart Way series and includes a 97 page book and 3 hour instructional DVD. It was written by Pete Sears who is best known for his 13 years in the Jefferson Starship, but also played with Rod Stewart, Hot Tuna, and many others. It's well written and easy to understand, and as an added bonus there are lots of historic photos of interest to rock music fans. Pete is a fantastic musician, great guy, and I was lucky enough to have him play keyboard on two songs on my latest CD (the one in my avatar).


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          Thanks, guys!

          I actually have the Levine books (Jazz Piano and Jazz Theory) and they're excellent! I recently bought Riccardo Scivales' "Jazz Piano: The Left Hand" and that's giving me a workout. I also have John Novello's book.

          I realize I didn't give a lot of information in my initial post. I'm looking for good intermediate-advanced books on piano/keyboard playing in specific styles. Anything that takes me out of what I normally play would be of interest. So, books on specific world music styles of piano... perhaps one on Salsa or Cuban piano... are of interest.

          As well, I recall reading on one forum about a jazz piano book that was available direct from the author that was supposed to be good, but I can't recall the name. (It's not Mike Longo. I have one of his.)

          Hope this is more clear about what I'm interested in.


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            This topic is/has been so popular, it's even included within the stickies up^top,,,.


            Obviously many of us are interested in improvement,
            good luck finding books that will help you learn.
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