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  • Crumar Spirit?

    So I just picked one of these up for $500, and it is fairly fantastic... my question is.. I see several listed on Ebay for insane amounts of money.. 4,999 and 3,999 or something like that... has anyone heard of anyone actually paying that much for one of these? It is an absolutely gorgeous synth, and it is easily more flexible than any other mono I have ever used... but 5 grand?

    I don't want to sell it, I basically traded an MG1 for it and feel like I got the deal of the century ha.. just curious if anyone knows of any actual recent selling prices for these.
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    Yeah, that's a great price! It was designed by Bob Moog, if I'm not mistaken...


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      Congrats, That is one of my favourite ever synths & my favourite mono synth , that & the Pro1.

      What a bargain. I would love one.


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        WTF did you find one for $500??? The Spirit is probably my most wanted synth. I've been hunting them down since 1995. People now ask for way too much for them, so i'll never see one unless i find a steal price like yours. Even if i won the lottery, i probably still wouldn't pay $4000 for one just on principle.
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            i almost bought one around 2005 for $2,000. .. but I picked up a mint Roland SH-7 for $1,300 instead.

            The guy also had Micromoog's new in the box for $500-600. I really regret that now..
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              I'll go you one better. A work buddy of mine GAVE me a Crumar Spirit that had been sitting in its case for 15-20 years, and said I could have it if I could make music with it or use it at a gig. He apparently bought it as a young man with hopes of joining a band--then real life caught up tp him. Anyway, it's mine now and is in pristine condition (even the wierd Crumar case) and been serviced here in Tampa back to spec--tuning, pots cleaned, etc.

              Get's number SN-000008. How cool is that?!

              Still, I think I may try to find another home for her, so I'm interested in what the going rate/value is as well. I'd be better suited with a Motif XS7 for gigs. In fact, I came very close to doing an even trade for a brand new XS7 a few months back at Guitar Center, but pulled back at the last minute....Saw Waves right, it really is a beautiful board...


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                Get's number SN-000008. How cool is that?!

                from the amount of Spirits i see around, it sounds like you got one of the late models.


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                  Remember, only about 200 Spirits were ever made... What a luck for you
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                    Found this photo online. What a beautiful instrument!

                    Too many keyboards, not enough music.


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                      Thought I'd upload some pics of the board my friend gave me -- been busy sampling some of the wonderfully unique sounds this board makes Sorry I'm not a better photographer!

                      Anyone have some thoughts on the original question, what is a fair price for gear like this? I'm still not sure about keeping it...


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                        So I'm headed to Guitar Center again, right after work in a few minutes. Gonna see what the guys will appraise her (my Spirit) for. I might bite the bullet this time and trade her in for new gear.

                        What an oddly hollow feeling...sigh :-/ ...feels like I'm putting down my old dog....


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                          for God's sake man...don't leave it with them. You will take a real hit on the price they'll give you.
                          And do you really want to leave such a beautiful classic in a place like GC?


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                            slap of reality...ouch! lol

                            you might be actually like to see it go to a museum or something, but then it wouldnt get played..

                            I'll see what numbers they throw at me.

                            Thanks for the check seamonkey!


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                              You can easily get more than three grand for that...maybe four!

                              Beautiful synth!
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