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Advice on midi controller keyboard purchase.


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  • Advice on midi controller keyboard purchase.

    I have several modules and I'm looking for a good controller keyboard. Most of the stuff I find these days doesn't do all of what I need, or at least the sales info doesn't state it. Here are my needs: 49-61 keys that can split into at least 3 zones, but the more the better. Must have pitch and mod wheel or the like, inputs for sustain and volume control, Midi output-not just usb, therefore will need separate power as well, program memory for instant recall of setups in live situation, and here is the kicker...programmable bank and program change storable in each setup. I have modules from different manufacturers and they use different bank change commands so CC#00 and #32 for msblsb must be programmable. I've been wading through music retailers sites and ebay, etc. and can't seem to find what I need. I know one of you gurus out there must have some suggestions and be able to help. Thanks for taking the time.