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OT: John Barry is silent ...


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  • OT: John Barry is silent ...

    He was one of my favorite film composers with such a long and remarkable career ...


    Among my favorites were the soundtracks to "Somewhere in Time ... " -- which I'm currently working on a medley of -- as well as "The Black Hole" and of course, the James Bond soundtracks ...


    http://electrocabaret.bandcamp.com/releases ... Introspective future/retro pop dealing with themes of authoritarianism, apocalypse and alcohol ...

    Featuring "Hot Mess," "Hateful Little Rapper," "Ladio GaGa" and "Somewhere in Time."

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    Well, that's a shame, I like his scores. Rest in peace, Mr. Barry.
    Hurrr. Derp, derp, derp.


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      One of my favorites... he could make any bad movie into a cinematic masterpiece. This one hurts a little.
      so over this signature BS!!!


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        he created some very memorable scores..we'll miss him
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          goodbye and thank you for bringing the magic.. RIP John Barry.

          he was one of the greats, of golden era of film.

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            LOVE John Barry.

            best part of Moonraker too and it led to Acen: Trip II the Moon


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              My first ever purchased soundtrack album was Barry's KING KONG score. His composition on INDECENT PROPOSAL still brings tears to me eyes, as does DANCES WITH WOLVES.

              Regarding Bond openings, ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE had no singing! It's all Barry and it's quite catchy:

              "Unofficial" OASYS DVD


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                Another one of my favorite composers departs

                Of course, all his compositions are fantastic, but in particular - "The Persuaders theme" has haunted me with its beauty since I watched the episodes as a child in the mid '70s. The wonderful piano, huge synthesizer bass and hypnotic cimbalom melody have moved me since then, and still do



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                  It is fantastic... just so lush a sound... and all that you say

                  I recall watching the originals, long time ago now...


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                    All of the above, seconded with MUCH feeling. I always felt John Barry never got his true props. I felt he wasn't taken as seriously as, say John Williams, because he "just wrote James Bond scores".

                    Which of course he didn't . . . Dances With Wolves, Born Free, Midnight Cowboy, Out Of Africa Cry, The Beloved Country, Peggy Sue Got Married - the list goes on, and its nearly endless variety speaks to Mr. Barry's brillaince and versatility.

                    He even nearly succeeded in making the God-awful "Raise The Titanic" watchable/listenable, and as Clive Cussler himself might say, THAT took some serious miracle-working. (After all, Cussler so hated RTT that he refused to allow another of his books to be filmed for two decades)

                    Barry and Williams were, IMO, THE pre-eminent and most influential film composers of at least the second half of the 20th century, if not in the entire history of motion pictures.

                    Just try imagining "Goldfinger", or any of the other early 007 blockbusters, without Barry's pulse-pounding blend of brass, jazz, jive, pop and rock.

                    Monty Norman's (depending on whom you would believe) "James Bond Theme" was branded "mining disaster music" by the first Bond director, Terence Young. Then Harry Salzman handed it to Barry to arrange. The result was arguably the most instantly recognizable, gooseflesh-inducing signature theme in all of filmdom. And Barry was always ahead of the curve. Who was the first composer to use a synth in a major film soundtrack? John Barry (On Her Majesty's Secret Service).

                    And, no disrespect to Mr. Williams, but Steven Spielberg, who has used John Williams almost exclusively in his films, has professed that his favorite title song is (was? times DO change) a John Barry composition - Diamonds Are Forever.

                    John Barry was - and continues to be - a huge influence in my musical development, and he has been the inspiration to at least two generations of film composers.

                    We shall not see his like again.
                    - Mike

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                      Every time someone reminds me of his work, its the same reaction, it was the best it could be... Extremely talented person...


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                        I'll throw my hat into the ring... The Black Hole... a ridiculously bad attempt to cash in the 'Star Wars' craze of the late 70's. Big stinker of a movie undoubtedly helped by Barry's underrated score.

                        so over this signature BS!!!


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                          It IS the movie ... Although the cast (Robert Forrester, Anthony Perkins, Maximmillian Schell, Ernest Brognine !!!) is pretty awesome as are the visuals and the overall concept ) ... I can almost guarantee you with the $166-million-domestic boxoffice succes of "Tron:Legacy" someone at Disney is going to see the similarities between remaking Disney's first PG-rated film and its second ...

                          I for one would love to see a more science-based approach esp. concerning the visuals ... in 3-D ...

                          How would you top THAT score, though ... ?!?
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                          http://electrocabaret.bandcamp.com/releases ... Introspective future/retro pop dealing with themes of authoritarianism, apocalypse and alcohol ...

                          Featuring "Hot Mess," "Hateful Little Rapper," "Ladio GaGa" and "Somewhere in Time."


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                            i should go play OHMSS .. i strongly recommend anyone to learn it, kind of opens your eyes about harmony when you realise what's going on.
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                              Oh man this does hurt. Another of the great ones is gone. I was just listening to Somewhere in Time, and thinking how cool it is to have such beautiful music to listen to. We at least have a huge score legacy to remind us of what truly good film music there can be.