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Weird PIANO problems with RD-700 NX


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  • Weird PIANO problems with RD-700 NX

    HELPP !!! I have my RD700NX since few days and I have weird issues with the piano sounds. I hope I don't have a defective RD700NX !

    1 - When the damper pedal is pressed, I find the Syn Resonance quite annoying and not realistic ( in the upper part of the keyboard , above middle C, rather than a subtle "string resonance", I hear a strange strong "windy" noise besides the note,). Way Too much effect ! For all the "ONE TOUCH PIANOS" It is set to :"Deph =52.

    --> I have to lower it to 10 or set it OFF to have something realistic !

    -> Strange nobody mentioned this ? (this problem occur only when the damper pedal is used)

    2 - I can edit only 9 of the 30 pianos sounds !

    the manual says "In the ONE touch PIANO screen use the VALUE dial to select the variation that you want to edit... press (Tone Edit) button..."

    But then I have, in the first highlighted line, access to only 9 pianos:

    001 - Concert Grand
    002 - Honky-Kong 1
    003 - Concert Mono
    004 - Studio Grand
    005 - Honky-Kong 2
    006 - Studio mono
    007 - Brillant Grand
    008 - Honky-Kong 3
    009 - Brillant Mono.

    For example, Rock Grand, Mellow Studio or Antique Piano 1 & 2 are missing and therefore NOT editable ??

    If I select and play for example the Rock GRAND and then press (TONE EDIT) key, I am proposed to edit 001:Concert grand.

    And.... what the hell are those Honkey-Kong 2 & 3 since we have only ONE Honkey-Kond sound accessible through the ONE TOUCH Tones ?

    --> Could someone check for me if his has access to setting for only 9 pianos or if for example he can edit the Rock GRAND ?

    3 - I am very surprised that for ALL the 9 pianos available through the (TONE EDIT) key, the EDIT parameters are all the same. I hope I don't have a defective RD700NX !

    I have (after I carefully restored all to initial conditions, with the INITIALIZE function) for example, for EACH of them :

    LID =5
    Damper Noise = 29
    Duplex Scale =16
    String Reso = 64
    Key off reso = 64
    Hammer noise = 0
    Synth Reso Deeph = 52
    Peaking Freq = 250 Hz
    HF Damp = 3150 Hz

    --> How can ALL those parameters be the same for ALL piano !!!. They should be adapted to each sound ?

    --> Could someone check for me if his setting are also the same for ALL 9 pianos ?

    Many thanks in advance for your help