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sorta OT: KSS video chat?


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  • sorta OT: KSS video chat?


    If you have a webcam and want to help me load test this site, that would be cool. I'm leaving the office shortly, but will leave this active all weekend. If you connect and see my poster of a beach with palm trees (and reflecting lights) you are in. But they will probably kill the lights over the weekend.

    I'll get on my home cam later tonight

    I just found this and it allows up to 12 cams with voice and for free.
    No, this is not spam, I don't work for this company. I work in tech and thought free multi-point video conferencing might help people here. This has more uses that you might imagine... sharing/showing patches, listening to performances, some collaboration, connecting with loved ones overseas or across the country etc

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    I wouldn't use it, just not for me.
    I often wonder, myself included, why how many-many of us folks use avatars of other things, aside from a head shot.
    Annonymity is the reason, we can act/post/do stuff unordinary without repercussions.
    I'd check out your vids on utube, but I'm not into videocam anything.
    Besides, what if I'm a closet nudist at home? Or worse, deranged looking!!
    If I Didn't shave my weird-wolf face yet, today,,,.

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