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    Some big workstation dealie- PC3? Motif XF?- has a feature where if you have a keyboard split and play a scale run in one hand, it will intelligently adjust the split so you don't cross over into the other sound. I'm not sure if this is what you're talking about.

    That sounds like an example of what I am thinking about, or at least stage one.


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      1. Video output
      2. Something surpassing limitation of 16 channels MIDI - or extending the standard to 32 or 64 MIDI channel's (and on-board sequencer accordingly)
      3. Independent Multi-EFX section for every MIDI timbre
      4. Bullet-proof key-bed, casing, LCD screen, outputs and buttons
      5. 3D Graphic view for every parameter, that shows what is actually changing when the parameter value is changed


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        you really need more than 16 or 32 channels of midi?

        I just thought of another one:

        light operated controls for parameters (no moving parts): you have an IR sensor with about a 6 inch range, plus a rainbow coloring LED.... you move your finger up or down over the sensor and the LED changed from black (off) through the rainbow to yellow and white for full on. One glance of the color tells you where you are in the setting. Would that cost a lot more having those sensors than knobs or sliders?


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          I understand the guitar one easier. sounds like fun. might be kinda bulky in the end.... why not just play a real guitar and effect each string sound via pickups? kinda the inverse of what you said?

          That's fairly close to what the Roland GK-3 pickup does -- i.e. it has six little pickups (one for each string) instead of a single pickup. Since the GK-3 just sends electrical signals, you could theoretically hack it for use in another system...

          The Moog guitar gets fairly close to treating strings like oscillators. I'm not sure how they cause the strings to move, but their technology seems promising w.r.t. getting the string to "sync" to another oscillator.

          So bits and pieces of what I'd like to see are available. Perhaps some hybrid Moog Guitar/GK-3 thing run through the VG-99 v-Guitar module would do a fair amount of what I'm thinking. The next thing would be getting another oscillator's signal into the guitar to get "sync" working.

          EDIT: Playing a guitar whose strings were synced to another oscillator would be an interesting experience -- the strings would be vibrating in unnatural ways and would probably feel funny under your fingers.
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            4 octave 16 voice Poly Evolver, with low, hi and band pass filterering, 4 part multitimbral with independent mutli-effects per part, usb midi/audio interface, and NO wooden end caps.


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              A Roland Jupiter 8 with midi, 20lbs lighter, and $3,000, brand new remake for all of us who missed it the first time.


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                you really need more than 16 or 32 channels of midi?

                32 will be sufficient while 16 often isn't. But what synthesizer has 32 channels of MIDI anyway? I remember some older EMU modules, a couple of later Roland SC modules, and that's it. At present, I can not remember any current synthesizer offering 32 channels.