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  • M3 - Kronos sounds

    A general question. I've been reading about the KRONOS. I own an M3 and like it very much. I also own an Alesis QS8 and have noticed that the Korg sounds, in general, do not sound as 'present' or have the 'depth' of the Alesis sounds. Slightly distant. I run them both through a Korg D16II recorder. I don't know... Is it me? Anyone else notice this? I wonder if the KRONOS has the same issue.

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    It's you.
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      It's probably the reverb settings.

      Korg samples are certainly processed too, but I don't think that's it.


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        I've always felt that way about stock M3 sounds. However, you just need to set the right effects and EQ and then it'll get all the presence you need. Compressors do an especially good job of bringing things forward.
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