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iPad 2 for live music

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  • iPad 2 for live music

    I thought the iPad was a novelty until they put Garage Band on the iPad 2.

    I've never considered playing out with a software synth because it meant using a laptop or some dedicated module. Sure, modern laptops would probably do fine (no lag while playing) but the big down side for me is it takes forever to boot one up.

    Dedicated modules are expensive considering they only do one thing.

    Along come these new tablets like the iPad with phone OS's that turn on instantly. Plus they do other semi computer tasks which would justify the price. Now I'm considering trying it out.

    I can imagine myself playing a controller powered by an iPad (or other tablet) sitting on the music stand.

    What do you all think?

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    Guess I should have googled before I posted. This is exactly the idea I'm thinking of.

    For me it would need weighted keys but this is the general idea.


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