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  • Korg EC-320 Sustain Pedal

    Hi everyone! I am new to the forum and also a newbie to the digital piano world. Anyway, I purchased a used Korg EC-320 but it did not come with the original stand or any accesories. The shop didn't have much information on it but it sounds great and plays nicely as well. In the 2 weeks I have owned it, I have been searching high and low for a sustain pedal that would work with it and have not been able to find anything out there. The shop did tell me that the standard sus pedal with a 1/4" plug will not work and that I need to get something that will fit a multi-pin connection. I thought all pedals were the same for all keyboards, but they were pretty sure that a standard pedal would not work with this. If anyone has info on the sus pedal for the Korg EC-320, I would greatly appreciate any help! Thanks in advance!!