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Need a lower manual for my electro 3. Recommend?


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  • Need a lower manual for my electro 3. Recommend?

    So I got the NE 3 thinking I could get by with just one organ manual and I can, but I want a lower manual for it. Not sure what stand/keyboard combo would work best. I'd like to keep the manuals close on top of each other like a real Hammond.

    Please recommend.


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    This depends on your needs. Do you play organ exclusively? In that case a simple controller like the Doepfer D3M. However, a weighted controller really brings out the best in the Nord pianos and EPs. Granted, it's not the optimal interface for organ playing, but you'll have the E3 for a lightning fast organ action. You could even get a keyboard with internal sounds like the Kurzweil SP4-7 for bitimbrality.
    Niels Münster