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Midi with Roland Fantom X7, Roland PK5


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  • Midi with Roland Fantom X7, Roland PK5

    Recently bought an used Fantom X7 to replace my aging XP60. I am having problem getting the PK5 to sync up with the Fantom X7.

    My old setup. PK5 midi out to Roland SP808ex sampler midi in, midi out of the SP808EX to the midi in of XP60. It worked flawless. I was even able to trigger the RPS features on the XP60.

    The reason for the Fantom X7 was to replace the SP808 sampler as the Fantom X7 has a sampler onboard. I was able to trigger the notes and samples with the PK5, however, i was not able to trigger the RPS with the PK5. All of the midi settings are correctly set on the Fantom. It seems that the way the keyboard is setup, it is either the sampler or the RPS but not both. You can play them on the keyboard but not with the PK5. I am lost, any clues appreciated.