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OK KORG Fanboys What KORG products do you own and how do you use them?


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  • OK KORG Fanboys What KORG products do you own and how do you use them?

    OK guys if you like KORG show me your rigs or list your stuff. Also how are you using them?

    I currently own

    Microstation for Live
    Microsampler for Live
    Monotron for fun
    Ipad electribe and MS-20, OK I guess, not great, may sell...
    Pitchblack Tuner for Live

    NON korg stuff M-audio Kestation ES, Boss RC-50 for live

    Wish List. M3 73
    Microkorg original for the 2nd time
    Kaoss Quad and Kaossolator Pro for DJ'ing and fun (miss my Roland SP-555 though).

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    I've thought Korg has sounded thin and uninspiring since the M1. At least it's been a slow decline since then.

    The sooner you make friends with Roland, the happier you'll be, trust me.
    Response from John from American Musical Supply on why I have received 2 used/damaged Korg M3's and 1 reboxed M3 from Guitar Center (a.k.a. why I'll never buy from AMS again): Footfall wrote:What you're experiencing with these units is the result of our warehouse crew intentionally "overpacking" this product.Current Korg Gear: KRONOS 88 (4GB), M50-73 (PS mod), RADIAS-73, Electribe MX, Triton Pro (MOSS, SCSI, CF, 64MB RAM), DVP-1, MEX-8000, MR-1, KAOSSilator, nanoKey, nanoKontrol, nanoPAD 2


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      I do this as a hobby for fun and to help me forget about work.

      I currently own

      DW-6000, collects dust while I procrastinate on converting it into a synth module. The key bed is really beat up on it.
      DSS-1, fun to sample with and I really like the ability to draw wave forms to create sounds.
      MS2000BR, only got it a few weeks back, I need to play around with it more.
      Wavestation SR, also got it a few weeks back and it's the reason the MS2000BR has been getting neglected.

      Wish list,

      MS-20 and SQ-10
      DW-8000 for the second time.
      Prophecy or Z1 would be nice as well.
      lots of gear and not a computer in sight.


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        WOW, Love the 6000 and MS2000B.

        I had a MONO/POLY, an 8000, a Poly800, and an M-1 in the day. The only board I could not connect with was the Trinity, thought it was thin, over compressed in a bad way, and clipped a lot. I am being serious. Maybe I just could not work the thing correctly. Sold both the 8000 and the MONO/POLY for around $400 a piece, so stupid.

        Oh and by the way, that was very funny McHale. Sorry you got so much grief on the other Thread.

        Got tired of asking for help or asking boring questions and getting very little response or reaction. So these threads are more entertaining. My name is RAZZ and I am a TROLL, no I mean Alcoholic, no Alcoholic TROLL, oh I don't know. But who the greater TROLL, the TROLL himself or the TROLL who follows him/her.


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          Fully loaded Korg M3-61.

          Uses: Main sequencer, controller keyboard, sampler, Kaoss Pad.

          Korg Legacy Collection (KLC-1)

          Uses: Sound design, tone generators, FX processing.

          Also have a Radias-R but it's up for sale. I've come to realize that I like my VA's and RA's simple and the Radias, although awesome, is a bit too complicated for my liking. I find myself using the Radias in my M3 a lot more often.
          Studio One 3, Ableton Live 9, a StudioLive 16.0.2, HS 80M monitors, 2 ATH M50 headphones, Synths both hardware and software, and a DJ rig using turntables.


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            I'm not strictly a Korg fanboy (I like all synths), but my current Korg list is:

            2 - MS2000R
            miniKorg 700s (non functioning ATM)

            Once owned:

            Korg MonoPoly
            PolySix (miss that board dearly)
            MS20 (to this day I don't know what the hoopla is all about).


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              i've don't own any Korg synths. sadly; however, i have been, for quite sometime, considering getting an DSS-1 though. & i might get a Microkorg XL. maybe.
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              MCFX + check out ALBUERTZ

              Originally Posted by Dr.Pain-MD

              You forgot the Powerstack...


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                I'm not a fanboy but I love the old crude Korgs from the 70's and 80's. I've got a Lambda string machine that I use for acid bass lines and pianos... sorry, I mean fat swirling strings and pads.

                I wish I had Korg Kronos.

                MS10 - maybe, but no room.

                Monotron and Micro.* - no, thanks.


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                  Z3 guitar synth

                  But then, it's all in my sig....
                  Access VirusB; Alesis D4, Nanosynth; Arp Axxe; Casio CZ1, CZ101, DG20, SK1; Clavia Micromodular, Nord 2R; Kawai K4R, K5M; Korg EX800, M1R, M3R, Poly6, X911, Z3; Oberheim M1000; Roland GR300, GR700, GR30, JP8000, MKS70, R5, TR505; Waldorf MicroQ; Yamaha FS1R, TG33

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                    Korg M3 61 with EXB RADIAS board. It's my put-it-altogether workstation.

                    When I get my iPad 2 I'll probably get iMS-20.


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                      Do you really want to know how I use it? :P
                      Originally Posted by Metrosonus

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                      Originally Posted by swardle

                      Well, I've never seen such filth in my entire life. Disgustation!!!

                      That's called pain. Get used to it.


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                        I own a number of Korg guitar tuners. I like them much better than any other tuner on the market (including Roland). Bought my first one in 1980 (still works fine)

                        my newest one in 2009

                        and even picked up a few that had been left behind at gigs.

                        Why so many? I keep one in every gig bag so I always have a tuner no matter what instrument I bring on a gig.
                        My VCAs go to 11


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                          Not a hardcore fan boi yet, but here's my one and only piece of Korg. I use it primarily for pianos, both acoustic and electric, with clavs coming in a close second. I hardly ever touch the other sounds.

                          Hurrr. Derp, derp, derp.


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                            That is a cool troll from the new(ish) MMORPG "Rift" which is currently sucking my time away from just about everything else except work, piano practice, and taking a dump.

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                            G.H. Hardy in A Mathematician's Apology (London 1941).


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                              4 Korg M1s (2 boards two racks with one of each type for parts), Korg Legacy collection because its just better than the original hardware IMHO. I had started using the Nanopad until Akai came out with the LPK-25 (which I adore!)
                              Along with my other stuff... I make music