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A New Toy (Leastways it's new for me!)


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  • A New Toy (Leastways it's new for me!)

    I've been patiently on the lookout for a new toy - and after months of looking for just the right deal - I have finally become what I hope will be the happy owner of a Roland AX7 "Keytar" MIDI controller!

    I figure it's a little bit to get used to it ... and am hoping to take it for my first "gig" test drive in a couple of weeks. Depending on how it goes - I'll likely throw in the $$ necessary take it the wireless MIDI route. I figure it'll get used for the most part in conjunction with my Motif Rack ES unit - but could be used to access voices on my RD700SX and/or CP300 as well.

    After years of being parked behind a pile of gear - I'm looking forward to being able to get up and out (at least for a couple of songs each night!). I might have to learn some of the cheezy "chorus line" dance steps that I've always chided our guitar player and bass player for doing on a few tunes.

    Being that I run sound from stage - and struggle to get usefull feedback from my more mobile wireless bandmates and on how things sound out front - even if I simply use the thing to get out and hear the FOH every now and then, it was cheap enough that it will have been worth the expense.

    Let the ridicule begin!
    The SpaceNorman


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    Stage Amplification: Stereo via 2 Yamaha DSR112s

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    Have fun! I've been wanting to pick one up for years, but even the used ones ain't cheap anymore!

    And don't forget to post pics for maximum ridicule


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      If I ever play in a live band again, I will get a keytar, I don't care what anyone says.

      Especially in smaller venues, I'd always get pushed to the back of the stage, with the guitarists, vocalist, and bassist out front. With the drummer in the middle, I'd often find myself half hidden behind one of the PA stacks. I might as well have been off-stage.

      I would get me a keytar!
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