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OT: Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

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    Short of an extremely high seawall surrounding the country, I don't know how one can prepare for a 7-10 meter wall of water. :|
    They have lots of seawalls, but you still have to let the rivers out. I wonder how many Thames type barriers it would take to stop them all up? And would they be fast enough?


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      huge amount of water...unstoppable...seawall?....useless.
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        This I pray does not happen... they have atleast one more reactor with cooling issues

        If you want to read about this ...


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          Such a sad, terrible tragedy :-(


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            Tha radiation map appears to be FAKE.

            I follow the text and the source refered is the Australian Radiation Services, but they aren


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              Hello everyone,

              Yes, I'm in Nagano-city and did feel the earthquake when it hit a few days ago. Fortunately, Nagano was spared from any devastation, but from today gas and water shortages are starting to increase. We have yet to experience any power consumption limits but they could be on the way if the planned blackouts don't work in other areas. It's terrible what's happened to the Northeastern part of Japan. Hopefully the Fukushima Nuclear Issue will be ok.

              Thanks for the mention!

              Jim Atwood Japan


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                There are a lot of elderly people in Japan, not to mention in the devastated areas after the Tsunami. Many just couldn't escape. There are numerous reports that many of the elderly painfully had to be left on the second floor of their homes. Can you imagine having to make that decision! In addition, the city office where the people's records were stored had been completely wiped out according to the Japan news. This is adding to the confusion of finding and identifying people. Everyone's records were still intact after the Kobe earthquake which I experienced back in 1995. Also, a CNN reporter today said he was amazed at how many elderly people were in the area. That's what a lot of people say about Japan. Unfortunately, and it's quite sad, many it appears just couldn't escape fast enough during this disaster.
                Jim Atwood Japan


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                  Japan has made many things I've benefited from over my life: cars, stereos, tvs, video games and systems, synths, walkmans, headphones... the list is endless.

                  I, too, even being old and creaky and nothing but tired all the time, wish I could drop everything and go over and spend the rest of my life helping to rebuild.

                  I wish the country well, and I hope for the best for them.

                  After the tragedies so many families will experience from this... I hope Japan, and the world, can see fit to provide complete, guaranteed, comfortable retirement for an entire generation that's struggled to rebuild from countless previous tragedies.
                  A Gadibus usque ad Auroram


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                    Tha radiation map appears to be FAKE.

                    I follow the text and the source refered is the Australian Radiation Services, but they aren


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                      Bernard you are absolutely sure.
                      And I guess we are very closer to a tragedy because the nuclear plants.
                      I remember Chernobyl, the notices was that "all is under control" for a time after the explosion.
                      This is the bad side.
                      The problem I think is some (fake) notices make people lose atention to important things due to lack of credits, even if are about a very real danger.
                      Truth can be very efective. I would put a big caption in that map: "Immediate Great Risk Area".


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                        I was in kyoto which is SOUTH of tokyo.. I am back in San Francisco now though, but all my friends in japan are fine.

                        Good to hear you and ricoche are alright


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                          Reactor 1 outer building gone
                          Reactor 3 outer building gone
                          Reactor 2 probable meltdown through reactor container
                          Reactor 4 Fire near spent fuel has been put out

                          A spent fuel fire is worse than a meltdown and I see they are now mentioning the roofs where blown off a number of these spent fuel buildings from above but thankfully no mention of actual trouble yet. Spent fuel sits in water but would over heat if water levels dropped




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                            Originally Posted by Metrosonus

                            working in a library I wish women would just come right out and say "where do you keep your soft core / torture porn at?"

                            Originally Posted by swardle

                            Well, I've never seen such filth in my entire life. Disgustation!!!

                            That's called pain. Get used to it.


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                              When I look at the devastation I picture California after the Big One hits which could be anytime because it seems earthquakes are in season around the globe lately.

                              The Big One in California will not be like this at all. First of all, there will not be a tsunami in any large California quake; the tectonic system is different than the one in Japan and cannot produce seafloor uplift and water displacement that would cause a tsunami. The shaking will not be anywhere as long or as severe as Friday's quake - Japan's quake was a 9.0, whereas the biggest quake that can be generated in CA is an 8.0. The shaking in Japan lasted nearly three minutes; whereas CA quakes last more or less 30 seconds. Second, Japan is much more densely populated and densely built than California is, you will not see destruction on the same scale. What you will see in California is a paralysis in infrastructure as many freeways will be damaged, making travel into and within quake-damaged regions difficult, especially in regard to aid and rescue vehicles. Also, liquefaction and fires will be the biggest threats. So basically, when The Big One hits, it's definitely NOT going to be like what you're seeing in Japan, but you're still going to be affected by it.
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                                elsongs - I'm not sure you got your facts right.

                                The 1964 Alaska earthquake was a 9.2 megathrust, the same type as the Japan earthquake. It was between the Pacific and North American plate - and those are the two that go alongside the west cost of the entire US, not just Alaska. Megathrusts are possible in all of the West Coast, and they're typically above 8.0.

                                And this is an Alaskan ghost town that was destroyed and where trees were killed by the salt water of the tsunami. Still to this day, trees doesn't grow there, and you can see the dead trees still standing:

                                There were tsunamis in the US and Canada as the result of that Alaska earthquake... so tsunamis are possible in the US.


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