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Midi keyboard connected to true synth, seperate patchs on each layer?


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  • Midi keyboard connected to true synth, seperate patchs on each layer?

    I have two midi controllers at the moment (Yamaha KX8/Axiom 49), and am trying to get away from soft synths. I'm unsure of what will be my first hardware purchase during this transition. Because of zzounds 4 payment program, something new seems to be my best option. I'm considering the Korg Radias-R synth rack, or something like the Roland Di or Gi. With a keyboard such as the Roland Juno-Di/Gi, would I be able to connect one of my existing midi controllers to it, and assign separate patches to that keyboard, and the Juno itself? With the Korg Radias-R rack, would I be able to do the same kind of thing with my two existing controllers?

    Any suggestions, on other hardware I should consider that zzounds carries?

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    On any rompler these days you can setup performances/ combis/ whatever (more than one sound) and have them routed to different controllers. For example you could have the keyboard itself playing a piano sound and the other keyboard controller an organ sound. You have to tell the controller to control the sounds on a different transmit midi channel than the slave keyboard's global and receive channel. You can also do this in most sequencer sections (If the synth has one) giving you often 16 sounds at once. However, setting that up can be tricky. I could have this backwards. Hopefully you will get more responses.