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  • Spam: For Sale Moog Voyager

    Well, I do not have a lot left in my synth rig. This is about it, but it is still more synth than my skill or current involvement with music making justifies. This Voyager is very much like new, is about 2 years old, has an awesome white wash / lunar light scheme and is ready for some serious playing.

    It comes with the hard plastic travel case, an expression pedal, the manual, the goose neck light, and the VX-351 unit. The VX-351 unit is very nice because it allows you to send Control Voltage OUT of the Voyager for many parameters including but not limitied to pitch, after touch, velocity, pitch wheel, mod wheel, the envelopes AND the touch pad. This turns the Voyager into a great controller for a modular rig.


    I am asking $2600 with the buyer taking care of the shipping costs. It will ship in a box, in the travel case. I am open offers.
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