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New Kronos video- EP-1 Electric Piano


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  • New Kronos video- EP-1 Electric Piano

    Hi folks,

    Here's a video that explains the EP-1 Electric Piano engine in Kronos.

    Hope you enjoy.
    Richard Formidoni
    Technology Product Manager
    Korg USA, Inc.

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      Another awesome demo, Rich!

      By the way, does the EP-1 include the SV-1's spring reverb effect? Just curious, because I'm a big fan of that spring twang.

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        Nice video demo, as always, Rich. DO WANT.
        Hurrr. Derp, derp, derp.


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          oh man..........


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            stop making me want to buy one of these babies.
            More tea, vicar?


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              can only one effect pedal be used per instance of EP-1? thanks


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                I love the sound of the phaser - nice and chewy.

                I am still trying to decide between the synth action and the 88 key hammer action, though I am still leaning towards the latter.

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                  Boy, I home SOMEONE doesn't remove the link unexpected like...

                  Great video Rich.
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                    can only one effect pedal be used per instance of EP-1? thanks

                    Same question here.

                    Nice vid of a nice machine, though.
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                      Good vid, Rich!
                      "Unofficial" OASYS DVD


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                        Rich: When using the VOX wah pedal effect can you use an expression pedal to play the wah live or are you limited to the "auto-wah" setting and only able to adjust using a slider as in teh video?
                        Just curious. Awesome video BTW. Thanks for what you do and keep them coming!
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                          Thanks guys, glad you like it.

                          Citizen Klaus- EP-1 has pre/mod effects from the SV-1, but not the reverb/delay section.

                          Synthbot- You can use one of the pedal effects, but there are also 16 other effect processors you can use simultaneously. The pedal effects here are unique because they're part of the synth engine.

                          midinut- You can set it to sweep automatically, or based on a controller (such as an expression pedal).

                          Richard Formidoni
                          Technology Product Manager
                          Korg USA, Inc.


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                            Hey Rich
                            Hitting "play" does not constitute live performance.
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