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What are some fun music instruments when travelling?


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  • What are some fun music instruments when travelling?

    I'm looking for something simple to amuse me. What have you played with on long trips?

    Korg Monotron?
    Boss DR3?
    Nintendo DS with Korg DS10?

    A lot of you will say iPad, but that's a bit too expensive for me at the moment.

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    A Yamaha QY-something?


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      A Yamaha QY-something?

      Yeah, should be a lot of fun too, but I can't find one on time (leaving Monday)

      Perhaps a cheap netbook? I could use a laptop for writing my assignments while I'm there.


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        How about something that doesn't need electrons? Like, say, a harmonica? A guitar, or a ukulele if you're short on space. A concertina maybe, or if it's gotta have keys, a melodica?

        Or a pair of spoons and your inner hillbilly.
        Hurrr. Derp, derp, derp.


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          a pair of nice drum brushes ($30) and an old book (cloth binding) to pound on

          spent hours a day playing this over Christmas; put on the iPod and find the groove


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            I'll second the uke.

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              Korg kaoscillator pro, korg kaos pad3 (for the various built in synth voices), korg microkorg.
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                kaoscillator, QY (eats batteries), DS (both DS-10 and some of the homebrew music apps), Casiotone, Tenori-on, netbook w/ Live and a little keyboard or pad controller or Launchpad, iPhone/pad with whatever


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                  A laptop with Live and an iTunes library.

                  Get creative.

                  The DS-10 is also a good choice.
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                    Second the melodica. Cozy little instrument.
                    Niels Münster


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                      A drum practice pad and a pair of sticks
                      P E A C E

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                        next time i stay in a hotel with lots of free time on my hands, i'm planning to take just a decent microphone or two, audio interface and my laptop and see if i can't make a fun song by just sampling items i find around the hotel room

                        sounds like a fun challenge



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                          Those little psaltery things are quite nifty, though you're stuck in one key unless you retune the whole thing.
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                            buncha free synths, pianios, guitars, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc


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                              buncha free synths, pianios, guitars, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

                              Seconded. It's much fun! Fun fun fun fun!

                              (oh wait, it's not friday yet.. )