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  • SP4-7/8 Sound requests

    As discussed in other threads, we've been planning on releasing some additional sounds for the SP4-7/8, taken from our PC3 sound set, that users can download from our website.

    We're currently putting together 8 blocks of 8 programs that users will be able to load via USB.

    These will reside in the user memory area, which has 64 slots.

    Now is your chance to let us know which sounds you'd like to see.
    We'll have a group of 8 EPs, 8 organs, 8 synths, 8 strings, probably a vintage keys set of 8 with mellotron, clavs and ARP strings and probably a group of 8 additional AC pianos. (This is all tentative...)

    Feel free to send me an email in addition to posting here.

    Dave Weiser
    Kurzweil R&D

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    how do you control the parameters of the KB4 tonewheel organ emulator on the Sp4 8? sorry kind of off topic, but this is the only thread ive seen about this board....


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      A few KB3 parameters can be controlled from the SP4 itself.
      I'll have to double check tomorrow but I think it's the following:
      Timbre Knob (with a 5 tiered shift button)- 5 drawabars
      Sus pedal - Leslie Speed
      Modwheel - Distortion drive

      I believe all of the other KB3 parameters can be controlled via MIDI sysex from an external device.
      I'll try to dig up a list tomorrow and will post here.

      Note - we included a few standard drawbar settings in the presets, and we'll be releasing at least another 8 KB3 programs, maybe 16.
      We'll be sure to offer a well rounded selection of different types of drawbar settings as well as a variety of settings for perc, key click and effects.