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What are the current opinions on the Roland SH-32?


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  • What are the current opinions on the Roland SH-32?

    Roland SH-32s have started appearing on the 2nd hand market around here, around $250 in price.

    I am considering getting one, it looks like a neat toy.

    But... do I really need one? I already have a SH-201, a Waldorf Blofeld, and an Electribe EM-1, won't they cover much of the same ground?

    What is the opinion of KSS, is the SH-32 worth $250?

    If you have one, do you still use it?

    Do I need one, or should I just put the money into the piggy bank and get something much nicer (like an Nord X2) later?

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    If you have a SH-201 there's no reason to get a SH-32.
    For the same cash you could get something different, maybe something non-Roland to add another color to your paintbox...
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      Agreed, you already have a Roland VA (even though the SH-32 is technically not a VA, it tries to be one).

      There's many other interesting musical toys to be had!


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        They're great - but not if you already have a SH-201.
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            There's a bargain to be had on Ebay at the moment - but hurry there's only an hour left

            http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Roland-SH-32-Synthesizer-/190544517608?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Pro_Audio_S ynthesisers_CV&hash=item2c5d5699e8

            No bids as yet - the starting price is only


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              Thumbs down on the SH32.

              Had one, sold it.

              It doesn't add anything to what you already have.
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                First, for $250.00 no way, not even a mint one. They blew them out in the end for $399 or less new in the box.
                Second it will not add any thing but another thing to plug in and run.
                Third, I am one of the few people here who enjoyed my SH-201. The SH-32 is not near s fun and does not even sound as good.

                I kinda like the 2 KORG Monotribes linked together idea. That combo with your Blofeld and SH-201 would be cool. You could sell your EM-1.

                Good luck...


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                  Don't know if it is worth $250 but the SH-32 definitely differs from the SH-201. Much more aggressive, much more dirty and a total different effect section. Who says that the SH-32 sounds like the SH-201 hasn't own both.

                  What I did not like with the 32 were the little sliders. I think the GAIA is the better choice here, even it is a little more expensive too (used).

                  My take on this is to save up for the Nord since that one is totally different from what you have. No effects, but VA at the best.


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                    fun. I like the sliders but I like small things and it takes up hardly any space. Really like the way it sounds. Like the SH-201 very much too. Not impressed at all with the Gaia apart from the programming interface - I know its the same or a similar engine to the 32 but its not pleasiongly nasty like the 32 is. Effects section is nice, 32 has the drum sounds and the arp/sequencer dealie I dont know how it works. Its also fun to play with and tweak in the dark.

                    Not worth getting if you got the 201 though. Unless you just want another toy. Mine was 200 but an AN200 might be a better toy for the same price.


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                      I dunno, the drum part/sequencer in the SH-32 is a nice little variance, in terms of interface and design, from the SH-201. Plus yes, the effects section is far more extensive, and there are a couple that are just plain weird (the one that is described as "able to make sounds like gunning motorcycle engine" in particular.... huh?). Built like a tank, and the sliders are as good quality as the ones on the original JP-8000/8080 synths, just without the knobs on top.

                      Worth $250? I'd recommend what my wife always recommends: how else would you spend that $250? If there's nothing else you'd rather be spending it on.... why not? If you'd feel happier saving that $250... why buy anything?
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