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Things to consider with the MiniMoog Voyager?


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  • Things to consider with the MiniMoog Voyager?

    hi there,

    ive been saving for sometime to get myself out of midi controller vst synth land and have been looking to go big on something like a minimoog voyager. only problem is, with all the different models & styles, i'm a bit confused as to exactly what i should be looking for.

    i like the electric blue model, but aren't that fussed, i just want my voyager to have the latest hardware and OS/features etc.

    as i think i understand it, there have been a few hardware upgrades to these synths over the years as well as OS upgrades and im assuming the OS can be user upgraded, but obvs hardware may need a send back to moog?

    im looking for second hand here, so what should i keep in mind when looking at all the different models and years of voyagers?

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    The Electric Blue and Select models differ only in the finish and backlighting, otherwise they're the same as the cheaper Performer model. Latest OS is v3.5.

    If it's a private sale, have the seller tell you which OS it has.

    If it's a dealer, you can check the OS yourself: press the MASTER button and scroll down until you reach Software Version.

    You need Firmware rev1.5 or higher to load v3.5.
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      Make sure it comes with the 7 or 8 banks because if not, you are correct, it has to be sent to Moog to get it done.
      I've had mine for 4 months now but have been so busy, I've probably only spent 20 minutes playing it.
      One other thing, the people at Moog at frikkin awesome, when you call there, you get a real person, someone who listens to you and goes out of their way to help you.

      This is my first Moog synth and I'm impressed with them, I've dealt with Linda down there and she is the bomb!! They won't leave you high and dry.
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        As previously mentioned, there were two major hardware upgrades - both of those require factory work:

        1. Increase memory for more presets (7+ banks of presets vs. the original 1 bank)
        2. Afterpressure upgrade