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  • OT: Macbook Air

    My new employer asked me a wonderful question - Mac or PC? And another one - Macbook Pro or Air?

    Well I got me one of these newfangled Airs. If they hadn't bought me one, I'd just have to get one anyway.

    13.3" screen with 256 GB solid state drive. 2.9 lbs and quiet as a mouse. Doesn't seem to heat up like my other Macbook either.

    Beautiful screen and nice built-in sound, too.

    It's almost like an iPad with a keyboard, it's so portable.

    Has Lion. Multiple desktops and multi-touch is great.

    Nice machine for surfing/email/Netflix/Spotify/iTunes/Kindle/Skype/GarageBand and my work stuff.
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    Cool. I had an Air 11 inch.
    but really wanted the biggest model Air. Great for travel and internet surfing.


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      I bought a new laptop just recently, actually. But it's not a Mac or a Windows machine, it's just a plain Intel laptop with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed. Works great, I'm using it RITE NAO!

      Pfff. Macs.
      Hurrr. Derp, derp, derp.


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        What's better do you think, a PC or a Mac?
        Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell...


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          Ubuntu? Ptooey! That's just Debian testing with a bunch of ill-conceived, poorly tested customizations that break too much software in Debian's repositories, and slow your system down, plus a UI designed for a smart phone (not a computer). Wipe it, and load this instead:


          Love how Apple ripped off a free OS (ie, BSD, ie Unix -- essentially a Linux-like system), slapped a new face on it, load it on off-the-shelf PC hardware, and charge folks a premium price for it. And what a nasty, despicable, oppressively litiguous company that expends its energy suing better competitors, while it stole its "best" ideas from others. Apple is the low of the technology sector -- even worse than Sony and ATT.


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            I see the prices of apple products are getting better and better. plus, the macbook air has IPS screen right?


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              Ubuntu? Ptooey! Wipe it, and load Debian instead...
              But Ubuntu has cool jungle noises!


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                Ubuntu has cool jungle noises!

                That's just Mark Shuttleworth's stomach as he swallows OSS developers naive enough to sign Canonical's contributor agreement. Canonical/Ubuntu is the worst thing to happen to Linux.


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                  What do you think about Toyota?
                  Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell...


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                    yeah j_e_f_f_g, as if linux isn't bad enough already !


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                      Macboom air is a cool machine. I have last years model and its the perfect computer to use on the commute train.
                      Boots up in 17 seconds and the battery lasts for 5 hours!
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                        as if linux isn't bad enough

                        I use Linux (and Windows). There are things about it that are better than the commercial counterparts. For example, Linux installs in about 20 mins. Windows 7 is hours of painful disk thrashing. Also, Linux tends not to "slow down" over time. Windows registry is a horrible binary monstrosity that continually grows to suck up more and more ram each time you so much as think about installing that "free Korg Kronos screensaver".

                        But today is not the day to talk to me about Linux. I spent the day writing a Linux audio device driver. Oh, ALSA is such a painful audio API. I wish it were a lot more like Windows 7 new API (WASAPI).


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                          i've been holding out for the to-be-released quadcore version of the 13" macbook pro. at work i have all kinds of cables going into my macbook, can't do wireless for a lot of it.

                          i like the smaller of the macbook airs but with an ipad 2 already, couldn't possibly justify it.


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                            i like the smaller of the macbook airs but with an ipad 2 already, couldn't possibly justify it.

                            I like the iPad for the prospect of what it can do in a gig setup. Other than that, i.e. for web browsing, email, and any kind of "productivity," I'd much rather have an Air.


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                              Okay, guys. I have a vintage BLACK MacBook. I'll trade it for a new Air 13" or 11". My machine is slower, larger, and heavier. And it's BLACK

                              Got that, you collectors? BLACK.

                              They're not makin' them anymore.

                              First Air that arrives in my mailbox gets it.
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