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Buying Roland fp7f or yamaha p300?


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  • Buying Roland fp7f or yamaha p300?

    I am going to buy one of these piano in next week.
    I like most the sound of roland but but i heard that the yamaha has more fectures and if i will do some recording stuff it is better.?
    Hope somebody can give me some good inputs before i deside what to buy...
    I will use it only for privat rehersal but maybe later join a band...

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    It sounds like you're uncertain about what you may or may not need down the road, so then just buy the one you like the sound and feel of better.

    If you're looking for more advanced features, but you don't know which ones, then it's impossible to determine whether one will be better for you than the other. For that matter, you may ultimately want a feature that neither one has. But you can certainly record with either one.

    If you're thinking about gigging, though, the FP7F would be easier to carry around than a CP300 (though neither would be a piece of cake).


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      Neither will be fun to lug. I guess built in speakers are a must?


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        Yes built in speakers are a must..
        It will be placed in my living room and if i choose fp7f it will be the white modelPerhaps