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Standtastic in Europe?


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  • Standtastic in Europe?

    Hey folks,

    I'm moving away from home in a couple of days, and my future apartment turned out to be quite a bit smaller than expected - I'll be sleeping, peeing, cooking, dining and practicing in 17 m2. Not exactly a lot of space, but the location is better than I could have hoped for. It's workable, but certainly not ideal for a possible future multi-keyboard setup. I may be able to upgrade in a year if I turn out to have the funds, but if I must make do, the Standtastic wallmounts spring to mind. However, I don't really see any European retailers carrying their products, and buying from overseas would be costly. This brings me to my question:

    Does anybody here know of a European retailer carrying Standtastic products, specifically VF-1 and TK100?

    Niels Münster

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    Sorry, looks like there are no distributors in Europe. I actually checked two major retailers in Germany, not a trace of Standtastic.
    Some hobbyist with decent workshop could make for you such wall-stands, upon order, I guess.


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      Thanks for the help. But I think such custom work could easily become expensive, or lose the adjustability of the Standtastic, which I need. I guess I'll just have to order directly from them.
      Niels Münster


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        Have you tried contacting them and asking ?

        The further away I am, the better I sound....


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          Yup. I just did so now I'm awaiting their reply.
          Niels Münster