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UVI "Waveframe" library - a decent sampled orchestra for $49.00!


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  • UVI "Waveframe" library - a decent sampled orchestra for $49.00!

    UVI, MOTU's partner in the Mach5 sampler are having a nice August sale on some of their libraries. On impulse I picked up their "Waveframe" set, which has the factory library from one of the ultra-expensive uber-samplers of the 1980s. I'm surprised at what a solid overall set this is. There are very useable string, brass and keyboard sounds, and I prefer the woodwinds, particularly the Oboe and English Horn to those found in many expensive current orchestral libraries. These samples are from the time when RAM was far more precious than gold, so many of the samples have short loops and a bit of stretching. Even so I can't think of a better way to add a complete set of orchestral colors to one's palette for less than $50.

    UVI's libraries do require i-lok, and run on their proprietary UVI workstation (free) or MOTU's Mach5


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    Too bad about the i-lok... with such small hardware requirements, it might be a nice match with a v-machine


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      Death to i-lok and all dongles :soapbox:
      My VCAs go to 11