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UTTERLY BOFFO vid about well temperament


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  • UTTERLY BOFFO vid about well temperament

    really, this completely explains why WT confers god-like powers on its acolytes

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    That was great.
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      Ever since hearing Carlos's "Beauty In The Beast" back in the day, I became fascinated in other tunings and temperaments. All tunings are a compromise of sorts. Different keys had completely different characters depending on temperament - I would love to hear Bach's "Well Tempered Clavier" Actually played in a well temperament sometime.

      Some of the most interesting are the "pure" tunings because all the intervals are so pure and don't beat...of course the trade off is that you can't play certain keys in a pure temperament because of the horrible dissonances. Some will argue that in an equal temperament, all keys sound equally bad.

      Another solution is to subdivide the octave into more than twelve notes. That takes you other places entirely...usually including instrument design as the current keyboard is only comfortable with a twelve note mapping.

      Thanks for the great link! Really got me thinking.
      Best Regards, James
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        part two

        Anything too stupid to be spoken is sung. Pierre de Beaumarchais


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          He can listen to that digital tuner itself and tell you if it's tuned or out of tune.

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