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Yamaha S70/90XF???


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  • Yamaha S70/90XF???

    Will this come to pass? The propagation of the XS line all the way down to the new MOX is completed. Seems like the "S" series should be the next to get the latest XF sample set - or not? I'm willing to wait only if they will downsize the current form factor. Otherwise, currently gassing over a Nord Stage - they 88-key version is actually shorter than the S70XS!

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    The Motif XF is really just an XS with slots for flash memory boards. Since the S70/90 can't sample, there's no need for flash memory.

    OK, there are some more samples in the XF but the sound engine is the same. I doubt that's enough to warrant new models.
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      The S-90 XS came out Sept of 2009. It will be awhile. I don't know many besides myself that has one.
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