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You must sell a synth. Which one?


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    The Moog Slimphatty.

    Excellent synth, great sound, but does the least.
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      yamaha tx81z
      it's the only synth left besides my Triton
      hard to believe
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        I invoke my rights as a pathological packrat. I'll sell nothing!


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          i would sell my kurzweil pc3le. this thing is overrated. i mean, with all the brouhaha of PC3, it has very weak choice of woodwinds, many of them worse than the old roland XP series, amongst other things


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            All three of mine have important roles that simply can't be done by the others. But if I had to sell one, I guess the GAIA would have to go before the Z1, mostly because once I sell a kidney or three it'd be easy to pick up a GAIA again.

            My Minimoog Voyager Old School is going to be under the railway bridge with me when this thread turns to "sell it or go homeless". I'll just beg for electricity instead of gin.

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              The TG77, because I also have an SY77 and none of them get used all that much at the moment. The SY77 is mostly kept because of love and nostalgia. And just a few days ago I think realized that I'm actually a little sick of FM and wavetable stuff right now.

              I would also sell a couple of my soft synths, but it's not worth the hassle considering that I won't get much for them, and it's not like they take up much space.
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                Truth be known, I could sell off two dozen synths and not end up feeling any major void from their absence. But I tend to keep things more because I like them than out of any real need for them. I guess it's the woodworker in me. "Need" is a nuanced and flexible word. There are tools and jigs in my shop that I only "need" every now and then.

                If I took a more operational and pragmatic approach to my setup, I'd probably only keep one or two workstations, two VAs (the Q and either Radias or Virus B), maybe three grooveboxes (EMX, ESX, and either the RS7000 or MC909), and the A6.

                Some of my synths are sort of quirky in their design and interface, and I like using them nonetheless. The OB-12 is one example. The EX-5 is another. I don't really 'need' them, but they're fun.

                But if I had to sell one synth, it would be the Poly 800. I've had it for 26 years -- it was my first programmable synth -- but I never use it anymore. It just sits in the closet. A close second would be the TG33.
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                  I'd say X-Station 25, but I only ever use it as a controller (and rarely) so, that doesn't really count.


                  DW-8000. I love the thing and have made tons of great sounds on it, but there's a DSS-1 sitting right underneath it
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                    This place is SLOOOOOOOW. So, pop quiz, you keysynth nerdlings:

                    Due to circumstances far, FAR beyond your control, you MUST relinquish ONE (1) synth from your current collection.

                    Which one is it? And most importantly, why that one?


                    My MiniAk .... Coz it spoils my Roland Fan Boy status..

                    Seriously I would hate to see it go. The GAIA and the MiniAk are great overall, but GAIA is OK on most counts where MiniAK is very good on some and very weak on others... Consistancy wins by a hair...


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                      Right now, I'd just seek alternate means of raising money. :P

                      In the long run, though, I figure I probably won't hold on to the M3 forever. I love it -- great sounds, great controller functionality, great UI -- but at the end of the day, it is just a workstation.

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                        I would rather get rid of my wife before having to give up a keyboard.
                        i like palin.
                        i think she would rattle some cages and that's what america needs.
                        ~ yumpy


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                          Must sell a synth? In that case it would be my Yamaha S30, mainly because it is the only one I own.


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                            I would rather get rid of my wife before having to give up a keyboard.

                            I'd get rid of my wife before I sold a patchcord with a short in it.

                            I keed, I keed
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                              ^^ LOL
                              i like palin.
                              i think she would rattle some cages and that's what america needs.
                              ~ yumpy


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                                I am down to one synth for Pete sake, I don't wanna play anymore! I am taking my Juno Gi and going home. Can I hang out with you guys if I sell a pedal? What if I donate sperm, wait they can't swim, I am screwed!!!!!!

                                I truly love my Juno Gi, flaws and all. It is the cornerstone of my whole gigging rig and can cover 80 percent of my show with out breaking a sweat. I am even considering a second one as a spare. The only thing I would add is some specialty piece like a Hammond XK1 or a Moog Little Phatty.

                                I will make the ultimate sacrifice and get rid of my Juno if someone would kindly buy me a Jupiter 80. Even if this came true I would still be nervous. I had the same love for my Roland D-20, JV-80, and XP-30, I know all B to B+ synths.