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Nothing beats a real Hammond

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  • Nothing beats a real Hammond

    My friend's band, always puts me in a good mood!

    Rest in Peace Rudy.

  • #2
    My momma always told me, "it ain't good music unless you scrunch your face up."
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      Good fun! So, what, they've been the 'house band' for seventeen years? There used to be a number of nightclubs around town featuring 'stationary' Hammond combos, but they've all disappeared.

      And, why don't people video the keyboard guy when he's playing leads? Amateur and professional alike hardly ever show fingers on keys! Is there some unwritten law that says "Keyboard solo? Zoom in on the bass player nodding his head".



      • #4
        Tony Monaco recorded an album at that club.

        here's a video of him playing there. it doesn't sound as good as the album obviously, camera audio:

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          No there is nothing like a real Hammond unfortunately.


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            :And, why don't people video the keyboard guy when he's playing leads?

            I agree, the keyboard solo is what everyone wants to see!
            It would be the equal to the dude banging the 2 chicks in some porno and then putting the camera on the Xmas tree for the money shot.
            Rest in Peace Rudy.


            • #7

              That's badass
              Rest in Peace Rudy.


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                excellent jam!
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                  A bigger hammond beats a smaller hammond!
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                  • #10

                    My back hurts just looking at that.

                    You know people always say the gear of yesterday was heavy etc, and sure it was, I remember guys carting their big CP70's and B3's all over the road but some of todays gear isnt exactly feather-lite either!

                    Maybe because im older, it seems heavier
                    Rest in Peace Rudy.


                    • #11

                      great band ,,, The bass player has an amazing command of using open strings ,,, he is all over that thing and you dont see his fingers move lol
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                      • #12
                        Guitar player looks like an old, bald, Bruce Willis


                        • #13
                          They guy has been playing awhile. Looks like fun like a band should be.
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