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Animoog Demo Via iPad2


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  • Animoog Demo Via iPad2

    I was able to get the Alesis iPad Dock problems sorted out.
    Nothing a very easy firmware update couldnt take care of.

    In the support section of the Alesis site they have updates for both Apple and PC users and the instructions for updating are crystal clear; even a dumbass like me was able to do it without incident.

    The update fixed the stuck notes and now the apps work great.
    I was even able to go into settings and control the "Animoog" via MIDI using my PC3x as a controller.

    I could get the mod wheels to work on some of the patches but no luck yet on bend.
    I also tried the sustain pedal, which worked on the pianos in Garage Band.

    Anyway, here's a short noodling session with the ANIMOOG APP, this thing has some very cool sounds on it and using the X/Y Pad was quite a lot of fun.



    PS---> I know the photo from soundcloud shows Garage Band but I was using Animoog, I was just too lazy to take a fresh photo
    i like palin.
    i think she would rattle some cages and that's what america needs.
    ~ yumpy

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    For some strange reason pitch bend started working.
    Not sure why but I'll take it!
    i like palin.
    i think she would rattle some cages and that's what america needs.
    ~ yumpy


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      That is great man! Have FUN. That new moog app is sick.


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        Cool!... I got the app and have played with it a little but nothing to record yet.
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          Is that all one take? Pretty cool.
          The further away I am, the better I sound....


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            That sounds really nice crazyfoo. It's nice to hear it used in a musical application rather than the brief demos I heard on it's release.
            Like you, I have a Moog Voyager and much of this sounded nothing like it, it has it's own Moog character.