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The Power of Progressive Rock!!!

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  • The Power of Progressive Rock!!!

    http://boingboing.net/2011/12/19/keith-emerson-fights-with-the.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm _campaign=Feed%3A+boingboing%2FiBag+%28Boing+Boing %29

    I have not yet fully recovered from watching this.

    Dave Weiser
    Kurzweil R&D

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    What show is that?
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      Well I thought I had seen almost everything. Did not see that one coming.


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        That is Big Train. Legendarily good sketch show on UK television from about 10 years ago.
        The reviewer who says it is not as funny as Little Britain is a drooling moron.


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          I will not leave without Keith and his entire keyboard collection!

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            Beautiful British Comedy.... or BBC

            The stack of synths on the donkey at the end is epic, LOL.
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              Haha, awesome.
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                The Fast Show was quite similar, in fact I always mix them up.

                Nice synth sketch: Ton Swingingen Ringingen Bingingen Plingingen Tingingen Plinkingen Plonkingen Boingingen Tree

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                <div class="message">Well, I've never seen such filth in my entire life. Disgustation!!!</div>

                </div> That's called pain. Get used to it.</div>


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                  The power of prog rock has sucked an hour out of my life. I'd never heard of Big Train before. Now my world will never be the same.


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                    I'm laughing my ass off
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                      LULZ! And an easy link.


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                        This was the neanderthal Keith Emerson.
                        The modern Keith would have all those synths as I-Pad apps and fit them all in his pocket!
                        Oh the wonders of technology.

                        Palmer drowned in a Lake. LOL
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