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  • iPad stand that mounts to keyboard stand

    Hey guys

    I'm using my iPad on gigs a lot lately and was wondering if there was a mount that attaches to a keyboard x stand (or similar).

    I know there's the GigEasy and iKlip which attach to a mic stand, but would prefer something that attaches directly to my X stand.

    Any suggestions?
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    Nothing terribly cheap, but this looks like it's about the best option. Price is comparable to what we used to pay for camera stands at work.

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      ram-mount.com has various clamps and brackets with available ipad adapters that you can probably find a way to mount to just about anything.

      But something that looks good to me for keyboard player ipad access, assuming you have a few inches spare on your keyboard, might be to velcro the base of this:



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        This is what I did for my Standtastc stand


        Works fine. I came up with a 2nd ver that lets me leave the clamp part on the stand and I just screw on the short gooseneck and xclip once the stand is assembled. Takes another 30 seconds to setup!

        I tried something similar for an x stand by bolting a mic adapter to the side of the upright part of a tier extension, the upright that slides/clamps into the back of the horizontal tube on x stand (what the keyboard rests on). It was ok but I found the iPad was to far off to one side like that which does not seem to be an issue with the Standtastic mount.
        I tried using a 12 inch gooseneck to bring the ipad into the center but the ipad was too heavy and the goose neck just bent and was way to floppy anyway.
        The only way I can think of to do it is to make a bar that goes across the x stand behind the keyboard bit like a 2nd tier extension and mount the ipad mount to that but it seems like it'd be bulky. I like my standtastic mount because every thing is left on the stand or just goes in my bag.
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          Check out K&M.... Click on the iPad button....


          Very nice!