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Yamaha introduces Motif XF and MoX iPAD editors


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  • Yamaha introduces Motif XF and MoX iPAD editors

    I guess there won't be any new workstation from Yamaha at this show...
    But if you happen to own both a Motif XF or moX and an iPAD you'll get this:

    A new OS update for the MOTIF XF offers wireless MIDI connectivity with Yamaha

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    Seems a bit pointless to me. I would think you could do the editing much faster from the actual keyboards themselves.
    Maybe it's cool for the MoX, if you need the extra visual eye candy that you don't get with a smaller screen.


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      There are new Yamaha iPad applications which expand the features of MOTIF XF including Keyboard Arp & Drum Pad, Faders & XY Pad, Multi Editor Essential and Voice Editor Essential

      These apps came out months ago.


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        Oops I thought this was news. I never heard anyone mention this before. Guess it was a non-event!


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          Well, Yamaha's 2012 NAMM website features these 'apps' for the Motif as new. Were other Motif owners aware of this stuff already?



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            They are probably new since the last NAMM.


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              Actually there is one new app to be released that is listed on the site Cloud Audio Recorder for Motif XF. Also it would be nice if Yamaha would drop the price of the XF flash boards


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                The XF operating system update was also just released today with a few new features:

                V1.20 to V1.30

                New features;
                - Now MOTIF XF can download the latest information about the instrument from a special Yamaha server and show it on the display.
                - Now you can change the playback speed of the Audio Playback in File mode without changing the pitch. Also, you can start Audio Playback from any desired point in the audio data.
                - Now you can select Pro Tools in the Remote DAW type.
                - Network function now supports Mac OS X 10.7 .
                - Now supports iPad application Cloud Audio Recorder for MOTIF XF (Available in Feb 2012).

                Solved problems;
                - Fixed a problem in which some Voice parameters might not be applied to the tone generator correctly in the Song, Pattern or Performance mode when the Arpeggio Type was changed for a Voice with ARP =


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                  - Now supports iPad application Cloud Audio Recorder for MOTIF XF (Available in Feb 2012).

                  Apparently this lets you play the XF direct into your Soundcloud account
                  My VCAs go to 11


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                    Cram the Karma into the iPad as well.
                    I am wanting, I am thinking
                    To arise and go forth singing,
                    Sing my songs and say my sayings,
                    Hymns ancestral harmonizing,
                    Lore of kindred lyricking.
                    In my mouth the words are melting;
                    Utterances overflowing
                    To my tongue are hurrying,
                    Even against my teeth they burst.