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OT: What game(s) are you playing?

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    the only other gaming i do on the side is my black atari 2600. i have synthcart and sometimes fire up pacman or space invaders, even though atari was before my time. my friend had a c64 for sampling back in the 90s and he gave me a bunch of sid chips recently. i'd love to get mssiah and midi nes by wayfar but the cost is kinda prohibitive and whatnot when plogue chipsounds is so dope.

    Ahh, the venerable Atari 2600, a true classic and old friend. I'm not too fond of synthcart, but give me these any day:
    Pitfall II
    Keystone Kapers
    Haunted House
    Riddle of the Sphinx
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Surround (Tron copied it!)
    Indy 500
    Beat 'em and Eat 'em (just kidding)

    I always wanted a Colecovision, but later I found out that other than a few good arcade copies it was boring.
    I synth, therefore I am.


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      Colecovision is fun but it was killed quickly so all it has a few good arcade ports of lesser-known games (and Donkey Kong) and a totally crappy Smurfs game. The stock controllers suck but aren't as bad as Intellivision or Atari 5200. the Coleco Atari 2600 adaptor rocks. NES is totally better however.


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        Final Fantasy Series.. FF7 anyone ? FF SNES 3 or 4?Can't remember.


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          I challenge anyone to find controllers that sucked as badly as the Intellivision ones! Gawd those were awful, my hands would cramp for days after a session on that thing.
          Hurrr. Derp, derp, derp.


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            I picked up Blade Runner and Phantasmagoria 2 at a thrift store, boxed an all, for 50c each.


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              All Right, Dammit, your mother and I have had enough! We're almost home, so everybody just Shut Up!"

              ...Ahh, haven't heard this one in a while... ...I'm doin alright, gettin good grades... my future's so briiiight, I gotta wear shades...

              "What? The vet bill's how much? Which cat? The yellow one? I didn't know we had a yellow one."

              ****************. Well, at least payday's only three squares away. God, everyone, please just be quiet... ...study nuclear science, I love my classes, I got a crazy teacher he wears dark glasses...

              Ah, here comes Bradford's baitteen-year-old daughter in her yellow Miata. Ooh, maybe she'll wash it in their driveway later. In those shorts... Looks like rain, though, dammit. And how the hell do you put the top up on this car?

              "What? Can't I wave hello to our neighbor's daughter? I can't help it if she's friendly." Sheesh. She really thinks she's got me pegged. Ah well, never hurt's to keep 'em guessing......Well I'm heavenly blessed and worldly wise, I'm a peeping-tom techie with x-ray eyes...


              ...I gotta wear shades, I gotta wear shades...


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                ..... my hands would cramp for days after a session on that thing.

                Ceiling cat is watching.
                Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell...


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                  I screwed two Atari 2600 controller sticks to the arms of an comfy old recliner. I was good for hours.

                  I still never got Pitfall Harry out of that awful jungly place.

                  The horror.


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                    Was Pitfall Harry any relation to Leisuresuit Larry?
                    Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell...


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                      well, nothing now that i JUST beat shining force.

                      Originally Posted by Yarbicus

                      I love you.

                      Originally Posted by Yarbicus

                      I STILL love you!

                      Originally Posted by CountGrishnackh

                      I know that bag. I know it well. Liquor store pron. He ain't dead yet!

                      Official Traverser Reverbnation


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                        Was Pitfall Harry any relation to Leisuresuit Larry?
                        I don't think so. But then again, a jungle by any other name...


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                          SW:TOR and Skyrim are the two most recently played on my system.

                          I started with the old school RPGs like Phantasy Star I-IV and then to the PC for games like Fountain of Dreams and Escape From Hell and finally Fallout. I've been in love ever since and anything Fallout is fine by me (except Tactics, which really was only a strategy game in a Fallout wrapper) but I also have a great fondness for the Elder Scrolls series. I've played, enjoyed, and finished Two Worlds I&II and The Witcher I&II, as well.
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                            i only play counterstrike online now occasionally. but nintendo dsi is collecting dust. I wonder if Med wants it ?


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                              I remember playing team fortress in the late 90s. it was so funny being a medic. do people still play it , i mean the official online games ? are there plenty people hosting public games?


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                                Not a huge gamer but for some reason I went whole-hog nuts for Fallout 3 & Fallout New Vegas, Oblivion & Skyrim.

                                Tried Mass Effect, Rage and a couple others...Meh. No joy. :/

                                Guess I only like the open-ended immersive stuff....
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