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I got my first Korg!!


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  • I got my first Korg!!

    After weeks of decision I decided to go for the MicroX by Korg, the design and case really sold me and it sounds fantastic. I'm no expert by any means but I'm having a blast playing around with it. Sure limited number of keys but I can just overdub with the MPC if needed so no biggie there.

    Great stuff.

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    Congratulations! Enjoy that high!


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      u'll quickly discover why many like the combi mode, very easily create splits/layers by key range and velocity. has always been that way since Korg M1


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        Welcome to the club!
        Too many keyboards, not enough music.


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          Very cool man!!! My first "real" keyboard was a 5 octave KORG Triton LE with the EXB-SMPL board, got it brand new from MF over 10 years ago, and it is what made me put the guitar down for good (haven't picked one up since, had been a metalhead/shredder since I was in 5th grade and Enter Sandman came out) and opened my eyes to what was possible in the wide world of keys and synths and made me start a torrid love affair with keys and synths, I spent years playing 8 ****************ing hours a day most days on that ****************ing thing LOL...I then got an 88 key controller to use with it, then got tons of other hardware synths, then got into Reason (2.0 at the time) and soon gave up hardware altogether, and have been completely ITB with the gear in ny sig now for years and couldn't be happier. Keep on rockin'!!!!!!
          Originally Posted by co&cafan808

          chevybusa ****************in delivers the lulz!!!

          Using and abusing Reason 4.0 (with tons of ReFills) and Logic 9 (with tons of soft synths, VSTi's and plug-ins)
          a Yamaha S80 (with 2 FC7's, an FC5, an FC3, and a BC3a) and a Behringer BCR2000
          a 4GB 2.53GHz Intel Core Duo Mac Mini
          AKG K77 headphones or M-Audio BX5a Deluxe monitors.

          Originally Posted by OldGuitarPlayer

          Ahhh...John Cage. The ultimate troll.

          Originally Posted by Anderton

          Just remember...machines don't kill music, people do.


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            Congratulations! I'm a major Korg fan and have 5 of them, including a Micro X. I always wanted a really compact portable synth with awesome sounds and the Micro X with it's Triton sound engine does the job. Enjoy!


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              You can practically never go wrong with Korg as a choice for your first synth purchase. I'm kinda glad I ended up with a DW8000 back in early '86 as my first synth instead of the DX7 or Mirage that I would have preferred (had I an extra $700 to spend). It was a synth with real character. Today my Z1 serves me well for all kinds of live gig tasks, from great sounding organs to VA synth leads to modelled sax and trumpet leads. And that's a 15-year-old synth.
              Korg Z1, Yamaha Clavinova CLP-350, Alesis Ion, Alesis QS8.2, Kawai K3M, Arturia CS-80V, VAZ Modular, co-author of MinimogueVA and Arppe2600va.


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                Still in love with it, can anyone recommend any keyboard books for basics like chords, scales


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                  Still in love with it, can anyone recommend any keyboard books for basics like chords, scales

                  A couple years ago I had the opportunity to do some studio work with Pete Sears who has played with Jefferson Starship, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, and an extremely long list of top names in the music business. In fact, he played on my CD that is my avatar. He wrote a book called "Learning Piano" that also comes with a 3 hour instructional DVD. Its well written and easy to understand. There are a lot of books available and I can't say if this is the "best" or not, but I like it and would recommend it. Here is a link:



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                    My first Korg was in 1988... a DW8000 (miss that board ). Since then I've owned (in no particular order) an )O1W, N5, TR-Rack, Triton Le, Karma, Triton Extreme, Micro X, Microstation and M3. Korg products are my favorite UI to program in. The MicroX is a great unit for the price. Congrats!
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                      Congratulations monsterism. I hope you enjoy the microX!

                      Richard Formidoni
                      Technology Product Manager
                      Korg USA, Inc.