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Monkeys Playing Synthesizers

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  • Monkeys Playing Synthesizers

    <div class="signaturecontainer"><font size="1">Yamaha MOX8 | E-Mu Emax (SE Upgrade) | Yamaha RX11 | Yamaha TG33 | Yamaha DX7 | Roland Alpha Juno | Roland D50 | Roland JV-2080 | Korg DDD-1 | Oberheim DMX (w/ Factory MIDI)<br />
    MacBook Pro (Core i7) | Zoom R-16 | Yamaha HSM-50s | Cubase 5 | Ableton Live Intro | Novation Launchpad<br />
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    <b><a href="http://videohomesystem.bandcamp.com/" target="_blank">Video Home System</a></b> - <i>80s/Synthpop/Electronic</i><br />
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      Hey! I didn't give anyone permission to film my songwriting process! :cop:
      Powered by squirrels.


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        Grrr! You beat me to it. I'm doing it anyways!


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            Am I the only one who's disturbed by pets crawling all over gear? Especially dogs with non-retractable claws. It's bad enough when my cats jump on my [damn near historical] car I keep covered and garaged and scratch up the paint. I mean, I love my three cats and all... and of course they're cats.... they get up on the kitchen counter and dinner table when we're not looking and that's bad enough. But thankfully it seems they instinctively know NOT to get up on my gear or I'd probably have their legs amputated.

            There's NO WAY IN HELL I'd let that dachshund get anywhere near a vintage Minimoog (if I owned one).


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              i would boil them cats ^^
              check out my stuff http://youtu.be/Buya2j06WwU<div class="signaturecontainer"><font color="red"><font size="1"><font face="Comic Sans MS"><b>Read your Bible, son. Genesis 6:6, Isiah 55:8, John 14:6<br><br></b></font></font></font></div>


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                Well, that was the entertainment highlight of my day. I decided to come online instead of watching a DVD tonight... this was much better.

                <div class="signaturecontainer">Too many keyboards, not enough music.</div>


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                  expert level internet one-upmanship: near identical pic but with a cat!

                  funny video btw!