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    You just sold all your gear to move to a new city. Now you are moved in and have just been hired to play keys by a variety band. Rock, pop, country, everything. The band has a PA.

    You have $2,500 to build an entire rig, stand and bench and everything.

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    Korg Kronos 61 and a Quiklok Z-stand. Call NovaMusik and see if they will swing a deal for 2500 including cables.

    If you need something that feels more like a piano then a Korg M-50 88 and something like a Novation UltraNova and a Quiklok Z-stand with a 2nd tier.

    If you prefer Yamaha then you can get a Motif XF6 instead of the Kronos.
    The Kurzweil PC3 series gets lots of love around here too.

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      A Kronos and a TV tray. That oughtta do it.
      Hurrr. Derp, derp, derp.


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        Nord stage 2 and a quicklock Z stand.


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          Yamaha P95, $550 (26.5 lbs)
          Yamaha MOX6, $1200 (15.5 lbs)
          ElectroVoice ZXa1 $500 (19 lbs)
          K&M 18880 stand + 18881 stacker for 2nd tier, $245 (8 lbs)

          TOTAL: $2495. No bench, you'll have to stand! But you could negotiate a slightly better deal.

          This gives you a weighted 88 and an unweighted 61 board, a good range of all the "bread and butter" sounds, a good sounding monitor, and a good stand... and it's all lightweight for easy load in and out.


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            You guys are forgetting your monitor/amps