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Akai SynthStation 25 keys---any users out there?


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  • Akai SynthStation 25 keys---any users out there?

    Just got an iPod Touch and dl'ed the Akai SynthStation app.

    Ok, it's useless on the iPod itself...way too tight an interface...but add an Akai SynthStation 25 keyboard and it's a potential a tiny gig rig for adding some synth noises to a band where I'm playing bass.

    How usable is it? Total waste of money?


    How's the battery life?

    What other apps work well with it...AniMoog?
    My VCAs go to 11

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    I wonder about this, too.
    GC was selling Synthstation 25s for$23 on labor day weekend.


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      I've recently got a SynthStation 49 to try it out and learn it (because of my new gig).
      I'll let you know what I find regarding Latency and all. I have high expectations!


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        Ok, I tried the SynthStation 49 with my iPad during a gig last night.

        The SynthStation APP is quite capable of nice sounds and textures. It is a synth, after all. Some nice pads and leads and drum kits.
        I played mainly ORGAN (GarageBand) and PIANO (SampleTank). Great, too.

        You need to plug the SS49 to a wall wart power supply. But once you do it, it actually charges your iPad's battery. That is neat!

        ** With the SynthStation 25 you can use it with batteries (4 AAA) but in that situation it will NOT charge the iPhone.

        It is not user-controllable but I found it quite right. You can play with no problems in the most of the situations. Perhaps for super-tight percussion situations, it may be a little uncomfortable. For playing piano, pads, organ and synths in a band situation, it is perfect.

        The controller is NOT programmable so you can not assign the buttons to other MIDI events. It comes fully mapped for the SynthStation App.
        But in GarageBand, the sustain pedal activates the Leslie. Good.

        And this is a good moment to buy one, quite an offer from Musician's Friend!!