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MIDI controllers with Hammond feel

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  • MIDI controllers with Hammond feel

    I've been using an old ELKA X50 as a junky organ sound for a while but it's not exactly reliable for road use. I've also got a Hammond XM-1/XMC-1 to use with a new band but can't get used to using my synth-feel Yamaha keyboard as a controller (and it's ripping my hands up, but a little blood on the keys always impresses the crowd). The X50 has a lovely waterfall bed and MIDI out but if I'm carrying that around I may as well bring the full rig anyway and sack the whole thing off. Are there any realistic options for organ based controllers?

    I'm running on a tight budget so would prefer to keep it cheap and light as possible, so far I've only found the Studiologic VMK-161 and the Doepfer D3M that even offer anything like that.

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    I have a 1st generation Axiom 61 that I think would work well for this.
    if you can find one it should not be much.
    Not quite watefall, they have a small lip.


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      If you're good with electronics, it actually would not be all that hard to turn an M3 manual into a MIDI controller.

      I played a Nord Stage 2 yesterday and its keyboard is not bad. The travel is a little too deep and the keys aren't quite shaped right. Like a BC maybe? I know, it's out of your budget, but I thought I would mention it in case something with that keybed isn't.

      I assume you're looking for waterfall keys, right? Diving board ones aren't too bad, but piano keys for organ absolutely suck.
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        If you're good with electronics, it actually would not be all that hard to turn an M3 manual into a MIDI controller.
        For years I'd planned to build a five octave two manual controller from a couple of old Hammond M3s I have lying around, but I finally got an A-105.

        And anyway, mate stubb beat me to it.