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Get a older Electribe for cheap or get a newer one for more $$?


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  • Get a older Electribe for cheap or get a newer one for more $$?

    I drummer I know had a ER-1 and I love the stuff he came up with. I'm wondering if I should get one for cheap - $80-100, or if I should invest a little more for a new one.

    I'm a guitarist primarily but also play keys/synth, use Ableton Live.

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    I guess it all depends on what you want to do with it. There are so many different types of electribes and they all have a specialty. The two newest ones are the EMX and ESX. If you want to use samples, you need the ESX and if you want to use the internal, RADIAS-type sounds, you want the EMX. If you go the ESX route, you NEED the newest one since it uses an external SD card where the old one used an, hard to find memory card (limited to 64MB). If you want the EMX, the SD card isn't nearly as important. I bought my EMX right after the EMX-SD was announced because I got it for $250 which is a good price. I love the hell out of that little thing.

    If you want to go with Electribes that were older then the EMX and ESX series, you can get them much cheaper but they do much less.

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      note, they don't record velocity into the internal sequencer, although via a keyboard they do respond to velocity.
      i have the emx SD ...having had it for a year or so i would now opt for the sampling version or the microsampler from korg instead.
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