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    My keyboard player uses one of these keyboards and is trying to improve the rotating speaker (Leslie) effect on the organ patches but is struggling. I'm a guitar player and have lots of effects and simulators but they seem simple compared to this.....maybe I'm just not informed. Anyone out there with any suggestions......thanks in advance, Steve. I'll try to find a Korg-specific form, too.

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    Neo Ventilator. External Effects Box. THE defacto Leslie Simulator out there right now.
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      Quote Originally Posted by midinut
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      Neo Ventilator. External Effects Box. THE defacto Leslie Simulator out there right now.

      I agree, the best solution would be to bypass the rotary effect on the TR76 organ sound... send it to one of the TR's assignable outs and connect that jack to the Ventilator pedal. But that's a $500 solution. If that's out of the question, you might get passable results out of a lower cost rotary pedal. But I have not heard a decent leslie effect out of most Korgs, except for the ones that are really dedicated to it (i.e. their CX3 organ, or the Kronos which includes the CX3 engine).


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        If he's looking to buy one, the Korg G4 pedal is awesome. One of the best simulations out there and can be found C H E A P.

        Before doing that however, I'd look into the settings on the effect. From the earliest Triton to my Kronos, I've always been able to get very good Leslie out of Korg's stock effects. I'm assuming he's using the default settings. He can google (quite easily) settings that are tuned and tested to sound like specific Leslie cabinets. It's a very powerful effect if used correctly.
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          I agree you should be able to tweak the on board effect.

          i have a TR 61 , and have been able to get favorable results by adjusting the speed, ramp up, seperation, ect...

          The korg rotary effect is quite good.

          I do have a vent, and a RT120 (which also isn't as bad as some would lead you to believe).

          The onboard effect can hold it's own.