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  • MIDI (studio) keyboard?


    Am looking for a small keyboard (MIDI) to fit a confined studio space but would prefer something with full scale keys, as opposed to tiny keys. Am quite new to keyboards so ultra small keys are not going to be ideal for me.

    Considered looking for a combo keyboard to cut down on space lengthwise but these mostly seem to be retro (ancient) like the Yamaha YC-45D. They're probably not that much shorter than a more modern portable keyboard in fact.

    Suggestions please?


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    Bad keyboard will be hard to master playing-wise. You better go with a known brand, such as Yamaha, Edirol (Roland)....


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      Are you necessarily looking for something with built in sounds, or will this be used to control software instruments? If you'll be using built-in sounds, are there any particular kinds of sounds you're looking for? i.e. more "natural" sounds like pianos and other acoustic instruments, or more along the lines of "synthy" sounds?


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        Thanks Gaul & AnotherScott,

        Am running MixCraft5 which has a good synth bank, so the keyboard will primarily be for accessing the MIDI synth in MixCraft. I already have a Yamaha E303 which is great but it is a full keyboard and wide, it will be a struggle to accommodate it (but possible) in what is basically a vocal booth. But I do all my mixing in there - I used to add MIDI to projects outside the booth, but I had a change round.


        I'm into experimenting with vocals - I put them through various programs & add effects like delay and reverb, maybe alter the pitch & time. I can do that analogue. But I also use 'grand piano' effects (etc) with projects, so that has to be 100% synth MIDI. So I use keyboards for different things. But I need one in the booth now, that's where the mixer monitor is: otherwise I can't monitor the input / levels, so I'm looking for a cut-down keyboard but with regular size keys.

        You can't see on the internet one MIDI keyboard form another - they all look similar dimensions, yet some are really designed for small children with tiny hands - trying to play something like that would be a pain, I'm a pretty lousy pianist even on a good day! [lol]

        Many thanks,